No Poison Ever

Hours of Operation
9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday

Pest Management Services

Organic pest management systems is our approach to pest control that utilized yearly root feeding with regular monitoring of the landscape for insects, diseases and cultural problems to determine if and when treatment is needed. Sound Solutions use no poison ever.

Inspection/Treatment Visit Prices

Prices Effective October 2005

$69 — Average-Size Residential Landscape
$88 - $99 — Large Yard and/or Many Plants
$105 — Commercial Minimum

For double lots/landscapes, the price is twice the minimum, and so on. Prices will be set on the first visit to your yard.

Yearly Deep Root Feeding

This process involves injection fertilization of slow-release Total-Tree Root Feed with a high organic micronutrient that lasts 12 months.

$174 Per 100 Gallons Used

100 gallons is sufficient to distribute over an average-size landscape, prioritized by plant need. For double lots/landscapes, the necessary amount and cost are doubled.

The Complete Package

The total yearly cost for our complete basic service is $450 + tax. Please note that each visit is billed separately.